Information provided by 1300MEDICS, a leading national provider of specialist medical services

1300MEDICS is a leading national provider of specialist medical services and is the official medical service provider of the Pan Pacific Masters Games. 1300MEDICS will have staff at each location ready to provide professional and timely medical services.

1300MEDICS Services

  • 1300MEDICS will deploy a team of 100 staff during the event.
  • 1300MEDICS team consists of medics, paramedics, nurses, doctors, a commander and logistics personnel.
  • 1300MEDICS will have a defibrillator and oxygen/resuscitation pack at every venue while a medic is rostered on.
  • At high risk sports such as mountain bike and enduro & vinduro, 1300MEDICS will deploy a paramedic team in a 4WD ambulance for rapid access and extrication of patients.
  • Sunscreen and ice will be available at every venue.
  • 1300MEDICS medics can assist with taping. The cost is $10 per joint or free if you bring your own tape.

Health & safety tips

Sun heat and safety

Queensland is a wonderful place to play sport but can be very hot. Vigorous exercise can place some people at risk of heat illness especially in hot weather. If untreated, heat illness can lead to more serious and life-threatening problems such as heat stroke. Listen to your body, do you feel unwell? Maybe rest and slow down. Please take care during the hotter parts of the day.

Drink plenty of water

It’s important you are drinking plenty of water. A lack of adequate fluids can negatively impact sports performance and therefore increase the risk of injury. Heat related illness like heat stroke is also more likely.

Warm up before and stretch afterwards

A well planned and structured warm up helps to minimise the risk of muscle tears and strains by improving blood circulation and prepares both your body and brain for exercise and hopefully winning. Don’t forget to stretch afterwards to help with fresh legs the next day.

Wear protective equipment

Is your protective equipment such as eye protection, mouth guards, helmets and gloves in good condition and properly fitting? These items when worn correctly can reduce the risk of injury. Have you got the correct shoes for the sport you are playing? Correct shoes should be considered protective equipment as well. Lastly, don’t forget your sunscreen and a hat.

Seek advice if injured

Injured? Seek out one of our friendly staff in their familiar blue 1300MEDICS uniforms. If an injury does occur the RICER treatment regime should be followed – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation and Referral to a qualified health care professional for an expert and definitive diagnosis and treatment plan.

Play it, Live it, Love it!